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Mississippi Symphony Orchestra presents Astral Edge 4.13.19

The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra’s final chamber concert is a Rhythmic Romp with William Walton/Edith Sitwell’s unique and spirited “Façade” bringing expressive music and a theatrical flourish to the acoustically rich Woodworth Chapel at Tougaloo College. Franz Schubert’s emotional “Death and the Maiden” richly concludes the evening.


  • ‘Façade’ is a series of poems by avant garde British poet and critic Edith Sitwell, published in 1918.

  • William Walton, her protégé, set many of the rhythmic poems to music and the resulting theatrical entertainment gained notoriety with its unconventional form.

  • “Façade” (without the poems) became a popular ballet score.

  • Sitwell’s great-nephew, in a 2011 piece in The Telegraph, described the colorful poems, which are said in precise time to the music, as “early white rap.”

  • In her autobiography, Sitwell likened rhythm to the world of sound what light is to the world of sight — it shapes and gives new meaning.

  • “‘Façade’ is a work for the most part of gaiety, although sometimes there is a veiled sadness,” she wrote in her autobiography. “The audience is meant to laugh.”

  • The Library of Congress presented “Façade” in 1977 on the occasion of William Walton’s 75th birthday.

  • Walton composed music for three Shakespearean films featuring Sir Laurence Olivier — “Hamlet,” “Henry V” and “Richard III.”

  • Walton received a knighthood in 1951.

  • Sitwell became a Dame Commander in 1954.

‘Death and the Maiden’

  • Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden,” composed in 1824, takes its name from a song he wrote seven years prior, in 1817.

  • It’s considered one of the pillars of the chamber music repertoire.

  • Schubert was suffering from a serious illness and facing death when he composed it.

  • It wasn’t published until 1831, three years after his death.

  • Schubert’s later quartets became a vehicle for conveying his inner struggles, noted chamber music encyclopedist Walter Willson Cobbett.

Rhythmic Romp Concert

4.26.19 / Tougaloo College Woodworth Chapel / 7:30 pm / Jackson, MS

  • William Walton, Façade - An Entertainment Lester Senter Wilson, narrator

  • Franz Schubert, String Quartet No. 14, in D minor, D. 810 "Death and the Maiden" Mississippi Symphony Orchestra String Quartet: Marta Szlubowska, violin Vince Massimino, violin Ausra Jacineviciute, viola Veronica Parrales, cello

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