MSO Performs Ravel's Bolero... Distantly!


This intriguingly fun, virtual concert — Bolero! A Distance Version by the MSO! — is the brainchild of MSO saxophonist and Mississippi College faculty member Craig Young. According to Maestro Beck, Craig called and said he started the project because “it was the only piece he could think of that had three saxophone solos.” They laughed and agreed that the inviting theme of Ravel’s Bolero, along with the excitement that builds as each musician joins in the piece, was truly worthy of exploration. Through Craig’s music and video editing skills, it has turned out to be a magnificent project for MSO and other musicians.

We hope you will join in the collective enthusiasm of this virtual concert and share it with your friends. Spread some musical joy!

"Bolero happens to be a piece of solos and, in this time of separation, it became a magnificent way for us to come together and allow each of our musicians to really shine.”


0:00 Intro

1:03 Bolero begins

1:14 Amulet Strange, Flute

1:59 Kenneth Graves, Clarinet

2:44 Jon Wenberg, Bassoon

3:30 Lowell Hollinger, Clarinet

4:17 Chanmi Kim, Oboe

5:03 Wayne Linehan (Trumpet) and Amulet Strange (Flute)

5:48 Craig Young, Tenor Saxophone

6:34 Craig Young, Soprano Saxophone

7:20 Mimi Linehan (Horn), Amulet Strange (Piccolo), Cheri Waite (Piccolo), and Bob Knupp (Organ)

8:05 Chanmi Kim (Oboe), Ken Graves (Clarinet), and Lowell Hollinger (Clarinet)

8:50 Joel Grizelle, Trombone

9:37 Upper Woodwinds

10:22 Marta Szlubowska, Violin

11:08 Same as before, but harmonized

11:53 Violin, Flute, Oboe, and Trumpet

12:38 Marta Szlubowska (Violin), Ausra Jasineviciute, Hristo Hristov, Tammie Luke, and Leslie Wood (Violas), and Veronica Parrales (Cello)

13:24 Full Ensemble

14:09 Same as before, but more intense

14:49 Craziness Ensues

List of performing MSO musicians:

  • Marta Szlubowska, Violin

  • Ausra Jasineviciute, Viola

  • Hristo Hristov, Viola

  • Tammie Luke, Viola

  • Leslie Wood, Viola

  • Veronica Parrales, Cello

  • Susan Landry, String Bass

  • Amulet Strange, Flute

  • Cheri Waite, Piccolo and Flute

  • Chanmi Kim, Oboe

  • Jon Wenberg, Bassoon

  • Elaine Maisel, Bassoon and Contrabassoon

  • Ken Graves, Clarinet

  • Lowell Hollinger, Clarinet and Eb Clarinet

  • Craig Young, Saxophone

  • Mimi Linehan, Horn

  • Wayne Linehan, Trumpet

  • Joel Grizelle, Trombone

  • Tyler Kemp, Keyboard Harp

  • Bob Knupp, Organ (Celeste)

  • Paul Heindl, Snare

  • Bud Berthold, Timpani and Snare

  • Jason Mathena, Bass Drum, Cymbals, and Tam-Tam

  • Crafton Beck, Conductor